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MyBodyTutor vs. a Personal Trainer:

A personal trainer, on average, costs $60 per session. If you see a trainer 3 times a week that’s $180/wk or $720/mo. Your trainer is only available to you for just those 3 hours per week you see them.

Although a personal trainer can be helpful, its what you do between workouts that matters most. 80% of weight loss is diet. It’s about what, why and how you eat. This is why you see people working their butts off in the gym month after month – even with a trainer (!) - without looking any different.

How much do you think it would cost if you went to your local gym and asked to have a trainer available 7 days a week? And when was the last time a trainer guaranteed your results?

MyBodyTutor vs. a Nutritionist:

A typical nutritionist, on average, charges $300/mo for either bi-weekly phone calls or in person meetings that last no more than 30 minutes at their location, during work hours (what a pain!).

Sure, they tell what you to do. But, knowing what to do is very different than actually doing it. Most nutritionists assume a lack of information is the real problem. If a lack of information was the problem, we’d all be in amazing shape. The real challenge is consistent follow through aka sticking with it. If it were easy to stay consistent we’d all do it. Life happens and gets in the way. This is where MBT comes in, and it’s what makes us so different from the billion other companies out there.

Of course we’ll tell what you to do, but your very own Body Tutor will be there for you every single day holding you accountable, giving you support and personalized and expert feedback to make sure you're actually sticking with it day by day. And because we work so closely with you, we know when you're off track, and help you recover right away! This makes all the difference and it’s why we get the results we do.

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MBT is the only program designed to dig into our daily life habits and unpack the things that are holding us back.

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I truly believe that I will be healthy and fit forever and I have never believed that before on another ‘diet’. This is not a diet. This is an assisted path to a lifestyle change that leaves you the person you want to be. MyBodyTutor is the only program I’ve ever done where everything became easier as time went on.





I’ve never had this much confidence!

My life has completely changed and I can hardly believe how much progress I have made not only with my weight but also with my relationship with food, my fitness level and my confidence to try new things. I now suddenly have the energy to pursue all these things that I didn’t have before.


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